About us

OrganiVit is the UK’s fastest growing ORGANIC Food Supplements and Sports Nutrition provider. Our products are found on the shelves of many national retail chains, major high street retailers as well as your local convenience stores.

We deliver premium quality ethically sourced products which the world not only deserves but has also come to expect from a Great British Company of which we are entirely proud.

We aim to introduce new organic products competitively priced every single month. Your optimal health is at the core of our beliefs, and we endeavour to be a part of your journey to achieving a great lifestyle.

Premium content, articles and personal development training materials are regularly added to our library available completely free of charge without obligation to registered members.

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Supplier of ORGANIC Vitamins, Minerals & Health Nutrition Supplements

OrganiVit is a one-stop destination for every health & fitness enthusiast. It is an impeccable supplier of ORGANIC Vitamins, Minerals & Health Supplements. As a trustworthy supplier, we feel proud of getting acknowledged as a gateway to a healthier and fitter lifestyle. We are a team of professionals who work day and night to ensure the health products provided to you are results-oriented and efficient.

Beginning of OrganiVit

The idea of creating OrganiVit came after we realised a void in the health industry. Inorganic and chemical medicines (Big Pharma) have capitalised on a market that was once ruled by natural organic solutions. It was felt that there is need of someone who could take the initial step in bringing a change to an unhealthy system. The use of latest technology has enabled scientists to formulate organic vitamins, minerals & health supplements for convenient consumption without using any chemicals or steroids.

Our Aim

OrganiVit arrived in the market with a mission to provide optimal health through all-natural organic products offered at reasonably affordable prices. We want to bring a change in a system in which expensive inorganic and synthetic medicines are discouraged to use. It might take some time to get acknowledged, but OrganiVit is fully confident that more people will come to know about the significance of organic health products and their effectiveness. We thrive each day to achieve our pre-defined goals.

Our Values

It would be against our values to showcase and sell any health product that has low-quality formulation or inorganic substances. We believe that we must provide the best health products to our customers. We would never go against our value of transparency and all our products are ‘Clean Label’– we promise you that!

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing, Packaging and Delivery

Headquartered in the UK and serving the needs of health-minded men and women around the world, OrganiVit focuses on creating products that use eco-friendly manufacturing, processing and packaging methods. Our products are manufactured in a registered facility UNDER STRICT GUIDELINES set out by BRC (British Retail Consortium) and cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Processes). Collectively, they account for two of the highest standards in the world. Soil Association licenses OrganiVit, and our products are Certified ORGANIC by the Soil Association. Our manufacturing facility uses solar energy and other eco-friendly energy savings methods to leave the least carbon footprint possible.

Our Slogan

“Optimize Performance,” is not just a slogan, it effortlessly explains what we do, what our mission is, and what potential do we have – our motto of merely two words tells you the whole story of OrganiVit.

Why Us

Here are some reasons for you to consider us:

• We never compromise on QUALITY
• We have 100% TRANSPARENCY
• All of our products are ORGANIC
• Our products are tested several times for EFFECTIVENESS
• EXPERT ANALYSIS of each product before release
• 30-Days Money Back GUARANTEE

Committed to Customer Service

OrganiVit values its customers and works hard to ensure your complete satisfaction. Before, during and after every sale, we will be there to answer any questions and to help you choose the best nutritional products for your body’s needs. Choose OrganiVit today and let our experienced team make you a customer for life.

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